Our history

Who we are

Zanetti Solution was founded over 50 years ago to provide safe transportation services for exceptional structures. Today the company has increased its engineering services to also meet other needs of the market, starting with oil and gas suppliers for decades rely on Zanetti Solution, providing highly specialized services such as load testing, weighing large artifacts, lifting and assembly with unconventional methods.

Innovation for the transport for over 50 years



We tailor our services to the weight, structure and type of customer request handling

Continuous innovation

House expertise to Zanetti Solution allow users to adapt new technologies to customer needs

Advanced technologies

In the realization of Zanetti Solution services operating machinery and the latest technology

Qualified personnel

We invest time and resources to cultivate the skills of the staff and maintain the high quality of service


Call us for a quote tailored to your facility.

Our certifications

  • Conformity pressure transducers (hydraulic pressure reading)

This certification attests conformity of the pressure transducers (for the reading of the hydraulic pressure).


  • Conformity lifting accessories

This certification attests conformity of lifting structures used by Zanetti Solution to provide its services.


  • Load Test machine conformity

This certification attests conformity of the load test machine.


  • Conformity hydraulic power pack

Certification of hydraulic power pack


  • Conformity cylinders

This certification attests conformity of cylinders used for weighing structures.