Jacking & Skidding

Jacking & Skidding

In particular in the shipbuilding and offshore naval, also we intervene with unconventional systems (without crane) for lifting and assembly of the constructions in the manufacturing steps, and for the handling in transport.
Thanks to our know-how in the exceptional transport sector, in weighing and testing, always identify the most efficient, safe and profitable.

With regard to handling and installation, Zanetti Solution has state-of-the-art systems such as:

  • “Skidding System” up to 800 Ton: Our systems for skidding extremely heavy loads, such as platforms, make use of advanced technologies and materials that guarantee, in addition to greater load capacity, extreme precision; in fact, we guarantee the alignment of even the largest and heaviest objects to the millimeter;
  • Jacks with a lifting capacity of up to 6000 tons, used in the most varied sectors, from railway to civil;
  • Climbing Jack of multiple capacities, including those in aluminum to face more delicate and complicated operations;
  • Lifting solutions with “Climbing Jack” hydraulic jacks synchronized with certified encoders up to 3000 tons;

As for the transport and lifting carried out with more conventional methods, Zanetti Solution is equipped with the latest generation equipment such as SPMT self-propelled trolleys (Self-propelled modular transporter / Self-propelled modular trolleys) and mobile cranes (telescopic cranes up to 500 tons of capacity). to guarantee a transport / lifting in total safety, safeguarding the artifacts.
All operations are the result of careful engineering studies and carefully trained personnel for the provision of the service.

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